Digitize complex business processes to fulfill your needs and streamline the requirements of your business partners

A centralized, one stop shop solution for all your B2B communication activities from product catalogues, onboarding business partners digitally, advanced order and invoice management with real-time payments and customer based analytics.

Traditional business processes are based on time-consuming manual interactions. Future of B2B communication is driven by simplification, using multiple channels to automate receivables and payables, enabling real-time payments

Why corporates prefer CTE?

  • Significant cost reduction due to process automation
  • Consolidated partner and order information
  • Accessible remotely via mobile and tablet
  • ERP agnostic, single user experience
  • E-Invoicing and instant payments
  • Minimizing chances of clerical errors

Say goodbye to forms, paper contracts and tedious manual processes for partner and order management

ERP Interface

Modular, flexible and adaptable to your business requirements, providing a structured interface to seamlessly integrate with your ERP system

Custom Workflows:

Setup and define multiple dynamic workflows according to existing departmental hierarchies in your organization

Partner Onboarding

A need-driven approach for digitizing partner onboarding (buyers / suppliers) and enabling B2B collaboration

Digital Contracts

Digitally verify, sign submit and manage legal contracts, onboarding dealers and suppliers more efficiently

Order Management

Manage product catalogs (Import products, add SKUs and manage discounts) enabling your partners to order digitally.

Electronic Invoicing

Send and receive invoices digitally and instantly, going paper free, saving admin costs and improving cash flows.